Monday, August 31, 2009

Shop Policies

Welcome to my shop "Dazzling Lanna", I specialize in ethnic handmade bags for women. Material are unique, original and finely crafted by ethnic Hmong Hilltribe.

I accept the payments ONLY via PAYPAL(which accepts all major credit cards).

Payment is due at the time of order. If payment has not been received within 2 days seller has the right to cancel transaction and re-list.

When the deal is over, the price of the item as well as the expenses of deliveries are not anymore negotiable. No exception.

By purchaing and paid, we consider that you have read attentively, understood and accepted the conditions and the aforesaid instructions.

* * * * * * * * By purchasing you have agreed to these terms * * * * * * * * * * *

I ship items twice a week.

Shipping will be done through the THAI Postal Service which will take about:
> 15-20 days to the US and Canada
> 10-15 days to Europe, Australia and Asia.

All orders are sent under registered packet with number as a reference but it cannot be tracked online since the Thai Post Office stopped providing this service. We are not responsible for the losses, damages and delays caused by the postal services of the destination country. In case of losses, damages and delays, the purchaser must deal directly with these services by means of the number of follow-up (REGISTERED NUMBER).

I will email the Registered Number upon shipment.

The delivery times can vary according to the country of destination, but the average is of 10-15 workdays. It means, sometimes less than 10 days, sometimes more than 15 days.

MORE Shipping Policies:
> I do not refund for the lost packages.
> I am not responsible for items not received due to an incorrect address.
> Note also that some taxes - calculated on the value of the item - can be charged by the customs of destination of the packet or the carrier. In this case, these taxes are entirely in charge of the purchaser and we are not by no means responsible of it.

* * * * * * * * By purchasing you have agreed to these terms * * * * * * * * * * *

MORE Shipping Policies:
In case of problem, and only if the purchaser provides valid motive proofs, the article can be return but at the latest 3 days after the delivery. Past this delay we don't enter anymore in matter. According to agreement, the article is either exchanged or repaid. NO EXCEPTION.

All relative expenses of port to the returns and/or exchanges are entirely in charge of the purchaser.

There is 'No Refund' if you leave me a negative feedback without contacting me first.

Policies and FAQs
I try to take photos of the bags as true in terms of colors and appearance as possible to the real bags. Please keep in mind that the computer's monitors are not the same so the colors you see might vary according to this..

* * * * * * * * Thank you very much for supporting Dazzling Lanna ! * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shop Profile

Welcome to Dazzling Lanna shop !

We have a wide choice of handmade ethnic bags assembled by ourselves with the BEST materials of Thailand's Northern Region. Most of the bags are made from the authentic vintage Hmong baby carrier. You can see that each bag has its own unique pattern, one-of-a-kind bags, which you could never find somewhere else.

❤ You can purchase online at

❤ Before committing to purchase please read my full Terms, Conditions & Shipping Info located here:

❤ I will ship the package via Registered Thai Postal Service.

❤ Find the shop update here:

❤ I'll be leaving the feedback as soon as I receive yours. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy shopping!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Making bags

I don't have much workspace at home so I usually use the big table I have to work when necessary. You can see the process below :

[1] First thing first, the fabric used to make the bags are mostly from the Hmong baby carrier. I get that from my source or at the Hmong market in town or a couple of shops in the Chinese market where they sell the fabric. It's rare to find now since the fabric are originally from the small villages in South China. You have to understand one thing, since Chiang Mai is a city specilized in handicraft. It will not be only me who make this kind of bags. There are many sellers in town used the Hmong fabric to make bags as well, sometimes similar to mine but I am sure the fabric I have are beautiful and well selected.

After get the fabric, we have to get rid of the unneeded parts of the fabric then wash and soak in the detergent maybe over a night depends on the condition of the fabric (most of the times we have to wash 2-3 times until the water is clear). Then hang them to dry under the sun. This is the part that I don't like, Imagine the authentic Hmong Baby Carrier that you have to clean. If the colors are not nice and too dull, we've to do hand dye to make the colors smoother.

[2] For the handle or straps, it depends. Mostly we will get the pompom cotton strands from the Hmong market ready to assemble. Or for the leather straps, I could source from the local artisan if I don't have time, or otherwise I will do it myself (handstitch leather strap but it takes a lot of time. So I often ask the local artisan to help). I get the leather from the local shop in town as well.

[3] The decorative items like the red handmade flowers (for the side of the bags) are also from the Hmong market, but they usually are in red red color which we need to hand dye to make them look darker. The Karen metal balls and Burmese coins are also from the Hmong market and from the local shops in China town, Chiang Mai.

[4] After we have all equipments ready, the selected fabric will be sewn with the black cotton lining. As I still work full-time with an international company in Aviation business, I only have time on weekend (That's why I don't accept the custom order). I would match the fabric, lining and zips for my dressmaker and she helps me sewing the bags. Or my neighbor sew the bags for me. So I would skip the photo of sewing process. After I receive the bag, I would put the pompom handles on, sewing the red flowers on each side as well as decorate the bags with metal balls. Then the bag is ready !

[5] When the bag is ready, I also photograph each and every bag in my living room (on my favorite teak shelf ) with my Canon 350D :)

[6] When customer purchase from my online shop. I will put the tags with the bag before sending. The tags are also handmade by me. I just print the whole tags in A4 paper, cut them into pieces and stick them together with the cotton/hemp rope as you can see. Now the bags are ready to put in the box and ship. I ship via Thai Postal Service with Registered number for every package eventho it cannot be tracked online since the Thai Postal Service stopped this service online. But they are very reliable, I have never had experiece about the lost package since I am in business...

Please note that some of the bags in my shop with leather trim, or mixed with leather are made by the local leather artisan. We ask the local artisan to make bags for us with the Hmong baby carrier or Hmong fabric. I believe some customers might want something different and if I ask the local artisan to help that would also help them to have some work as well.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dazzling Lanna on ETSY

Hi there,

I started my shop on ETSY a year ago but stopped for half a year due to the time availability. Now I resumed my shop again in beginning of May this year. Things are pretty good , well I meant not so bad. I sold few bags though!

Now I managed my time better so then I can try to think about the design of the bags then!

Herewith the link to my shop :

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